• Product features

      In case of priority, fire combination.It is the only fire extinguishing adopts active fire fighting method, which can not only prevent fire house,also reduce fire loss effectively.

      Fire-fighting efficiency.The method of nitrogen injection is adopted to eliminate the source of fire in the transformer, and the fire extinguishing efficiency and reliability are much higher than other fire fighting methods.

      Do not use water.This device does not need to consider the fire water source, do not worry about the winter pipeline freezing and the construction work is small, the area is small.

      Easy maintenance.The device has a compact structure, high degree of standardization, no complicated control system and piping system, and easy to maintain.

      Intelligent.Set fire detection, alarm, fire extinguishing and monitoring system, can realize remote digital control through the network, realize the intelligent device.

    • Explosion-proof:After the device is operated, the quick drain valve is automatically opened, which can quickly release the pressure of the transformer's body tank. Meanwhile, the oil pillow is separated from the oil in the tank to prevent the transformer from burn-out.
    • Nitrogen injection:Oil discharge valve open after a few seconds, the nitrogen from transformer injection at the bottom of the tank, forcing the transformer oil mixing up and down, the oil temperature fell to below the ignition point, isolate the air at the same time, the rapid fire, the fire extinguishing time less than 60 seconds.
    • Automatic control:With high degree of automation, no manual operation is required for the oil injection system, and the whole process is automatically carried out from nitrogen entering the transformer body to the fire extinguishing, and remote control can be realized through the network.
      Product features

      Safe and reliable three ways to start Each fire extinguisher can have two modes of starting: a: thermal activation and temperature setting; B: electric control start and temperature setting start.

      Efficient environmental protectionEqual protection under the space, is all fire extinguishing agent dosage in the least (150 g/m3) or less, an ordinary dry powder fire extinguishing efficiency of 6-10 times, 2 to 3 times that of halon extinguishing agent, 8 to 10 times of seven fluorin propane fire extinguishing agent.

      Self-detection, automatic alarmThe fire extinguishing device has the function of self-detection, the real-time monitoring device is in normal working condition, and there is automatic alarm. In the case of unattended, confirm the fire, automatically start, fire extinguishing.

      Flexible design, cost-effectiveIt can not only realize the partial protection of fire extinguishing in the open space with single installation, but also can realize the whole flood or partition of the relative closed space by multiple linkage combination to extinguish the fire.

      Easy installation

    • Suppression of flame combustion:When fire extinguishing powder mixed with fire, fire extinguishing components to quickly capture free radicals, burning with burning speed is greater than the rate of free radical is consumed, cut off the combustion chain reaction, fire quickly extinguished.
    • The smothering effect on surface combustion:When the ultrafine powders are in contact with the surface of the combustor, a series of chemical reactions occur to form a dense film of solid particles on the surface of the combustor to isolate the air and prevent smouldering.
    • Shielding and cooling of thermal radiation:Extinguishing agent release when the high concentration powder blended with flame, in the high temperature flame ion effective absorption of the flame of part of the heat generated by the decomposition, and the decomposition reaction by-products such as: carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc., the oxygen concentration of combustion also have part of the dilution effect, make the flame combustion reaction.
      Product features

      Quickly point out the overheating partsReduce downtime and equipment damage.

      Predict the severity of the failurePrevent major accidents.

      Establish maintenance priority orderImprove electrical system maintenance efficiency

      By increasing efficiencyReduce electrical system power costs.

      Reduce shutdownThe equipment engineer does not need to contact the detection equipment, the safety degree is high.Proactive, preventive maintenance - avoid sudden maintenance.

    • Non-contact measurement:Non-contact measurement does not need to be exposed to the internal measurement and surface of the measured temperature field, without interfering with the temperature state of the measured temperature field.
    • Quick temperature measurement:The temperature measurement is fast, so long as the target infrared radiation is received, the temperature can be fixed in a short time.
    • Reliable and accurate:Can provide the complete high quality infrared image and visible light image, provide the most accurate and reliable effective data for the user.
    Nitrogen extinguishing installation of transformerScope of application: widely used in power, wind power, petroleum and petrochemical, hydropower project, finance, new energy and other key projects.

    For example: oil-immersed transformer, reactor and its closed oil storage equipment, etc.
    Automatic fire extinguishing device for ultra-fine dry powder.The superfine dry powder automatic fire extinguishing device is suitable to save class A, class B, class C and electric fire. In particular, the protection of local protection and relative confined space in high-risk situations is particularly effective.

    For example: petrochemical tank, storage tank; Cable tunnel, cable interlayer, cable shaft; Electromechanical cabinet, distribution box, diesel generator room, high and low voltage distribution room; Unattended communication base station, computer room, electromechanical equipment room, hydraulic pump station, library, archives warehouse, museum; Dangerous goods warehouse, logistics warehouse, tobacco warehouse; Large traffic vehicles, surface ships, locomotive engine room and other places.
    Power system infrared detection technology service.Infrared thermal imaging detection method is widely used in the following related electrical equipment:

    Such as: substation, switch cabinet, motor control center.
    Transformer, circuit breaker, cable, terminal.
    Pipeline, boiler, bus switch, high voltage distribution wire, building power distribution system.
    Starter, current contactor, relay, capacitance.
    Power panel, lighting equipment control panel, high voltage equipment.
    Electric brake, electric gas cabinet, low voltage equipment, electric tower, pole.
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